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Hungry? Then you've come to the right place.

Vrhnika and its surroundings offer a truly wide variety of mainly quality food. We can satisfy not only those who prefer traditional Slovenian cuisine or dishes with a modern twist, but also those who fancy a pizza, fish or seafood. Do you have a sweet tooth? The restaurants and cafes in Vrhnika and its desserts will satisfy your cravings.  

For the past few years, we have been trying to awake the traditional, local food. We invite you to come and taste it. Not only is it healthy and delicious, but it also tells a story.

Cankar's Cup of Coffee

'Vrhnika štruklji' - rolled dumplings with prunes

'Prešce' - small buns flavoured with tradition

We recommend

  • štruklji with dried plums at Stara Kašča InnPlanina Lodge, at Bajc InnBistra InnCankar Restaurant, and at Kranjc Inn,
  • venison in hunter's sauce at the Bistra Inn,
  • fresh trout at the Fishing Lodge and the Bistra Inn,
  • roast meats at the Kranjc Inn,
  • pasta with lobster at the Boter Inn and Pizzeria,
  • homemade desserts and ice creams at the Hotel Mantova, cafes and cake shops Park and Berzo, 
  • rustic meals at the Jurca Inn,
  • stews at the lodge on the Planina Hill and the Cankar Restaurant
  • homemade chicken and fresh pork sausage at the Mesec Inn in Zaplana,
  • frog legs at the Fishing Lodge, 
  • Cankar's meal at the Cankar Restaurant,
  • Cankar's feast at the Kranjc Inn, the Bajc Inn and the Bistra Inn,
  • a cup of aromatic coffee at the cafes Park and Mantova.