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Vrhnika Easter Eggs

When accuracy and vision create incredible beauty ...

Vrhnika Easter eggs (‘Vrhniški pirhi’) are the work of the artist Franc Grom, who is the recipient of the highest national award for arts and crafts activities – The Golden Tendril. The process of making the Vrhnika Easter Eggs and their image are also internationally protected.

Mr Grom blows out the eggs first, then peel drills them with countless tiny holes, from 3,000 to 17,000. He places the holes with an extraordinary sense of planning the ornaments throughout the form of eggshells. The result is incredibly beautiful Easter egg.

The master Grom’s eggs are highly appreciated as a personal, business or protocol gift. They were exhibited by many Slovenian cities and cities around the world. Vrhnika Easter eggs adorn many homes and reputable institutions around the world. They decorate the Japanese imperial court, the White House, the German, the Russian and many other presidential palaces around the world.