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The Wheel - 5,200 years

Did you know that the oldest wooden wheel in the world has been found right here in Vrhnika?

In 2002 remains of a wooden wheel with axle were found in the area called Stare Gmajne. The wheel turned out to be the oldest one yet discovered - old as 5,200 years! According to experts the wheel was a part of a prehistoric two-wheel cart - a pushcart. Similar wheels have been found in the hilly regions of Switzerland and southwest Germany, but the wheel from Vrhnika is bigger and older. Experts were astonished by the precise and extremely imaginative fabrication of it. The maker of the wheel took into account the contraction and expansion of wood and used only tough and solid ash wood. The axle is made of oak.

Stare gmajne

Site Stare Gmajne near Verd was populated twice, first in the late 34th century BC and for the second time in the second half of the 32 century BC. Pile-dwelling settlement were located in the swamp, most likely at the edge of the lake.

During archeological research at the site they discovered two dugout canoe made of oak trunks and a kids bow, long 64 cm, probably intended for child's play . This discoveries were joined by a number of findings:

  • stone arrowheads,
  • axes made out of jade or eclogite,
  • tools made of bone, teeth and antlers,
  • scraps of yarn, ceramics and objects made of unfired clay.

These findings reveal important clues about everyday life of the pile-dwellers.