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Rolled prune dumplings

The most delicious rolled prune dumpling. Mmm, here at Vrhnika you can eat really, really good.

Rolled dumplings are one of the most common foods in Slovenia. The Vrhnika region is known for dumplings ('štruklji') with prune filling, which can be served as a main course or a dessert. They are so tasty that they will please even the most demanding gourmet. Come and try for yourself!


Prepare strudel dough from flour, oil, and egg, lukewarm water, half a liter of milk, and salt. For the filling: cook prunes until soft; when cooked remove the pits and chop them. Stir in a tablespoon of a previously prepared mixture of butter and cream. If it is too dense, add a spoonful of plum jam. Roll the dough out thin, cover with filling, roll the dough from one edge, and wrap in a clean towel. Cook rolled in the towel in boiling salted water. When cooked, cut into pieces and garnish with breadcrumbs fried in butter. Bon appetit ...

You can taste these special 'štruklji' from Vrhnika at Stara Kašča InnPlanina Lodge, at Bajc InnBistra InnCankar Restaurant, and at Kranjc Inn.