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Ivan Cankar

Meet the greatest Slovenian writter and playwright ...

Ivan Cankar is considered to be the greatest Slovenian writer and playwright. He was also a poet, critic, essayist and political activist. He was the first Slovenian professional writer and so belonged to a profession that was not well respected during his lifetime. He was born on 10 May 1876 in the hamlet of Na Klancu in Vrhnika. He was the eighth of twelve children; his mother was a day laborer and his father a tailor. He spent his childhood in Vrhnika, where he attended primary school.

Cankar was strongly attached to Vrhnika, which is evident from his description of the town in many of his works. Vrhnika remembers its native son with the Cankar Memorial House and a statue. There is also a literary trail - Cankar Boyhood Trail. It has seventeen stations with brief information signs describing Cankar’s life or where extracts from his works are displayed. The School under the Bridge (‘Enajsta šola pod mostom’) and Holy Trinity Church (‘Cerkev sv. Trojice’) are two of the places that Cankar mentioned in his works more than thirty times.