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Floris Oblak

Freelance artist whose work you can admire at the permanent exhibition here in Vrhnika.


Painter and graphic artist Floris Oblak was born in 1924 in Vrhnika. He graduated in 1948 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and then studied until 1951 at the graphic school under Božidar Jakac. 

He worked as a freelance artist. In the early period of his work his art was more stylized, though still within the limits of reality. Later, his work became more realistic and detailed, colors more translucent and compact. In more recent works, he devoted his attention to special motifs of sarcophagi and classical still lifes. Oblak has exhibited in several solo exhibitions both at home and abroad. Visitors can admire his work at the permanent exhibition, which is located at the seat of the Vrhnika Museum Association at Tržaška cesta 23.