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Underground world

Mysterious and remarkable underground world …

Vrhnika is situated on the edge of the karst world, and its surroundings is full of underground tunnels, pits, rivers and halls. The number of registered caves is enormous and it includes Pajsar Cave, Cave in the Quarry Lesno Brdo, Lokanec Abyss, Robber Cave, Cave at The Nest, Abyss of the Right Decision, Tonik abyss, Žirovec Cave, Ferran 'Buža' and Vrhnika Cave.

Vrhnika Cave
Vrhnika Cave

Vrhnika Cave is located at Raskov’c near Štampe Bridge and it reaches 200 m in length and up to 34 m deep. It boasts beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and a rich fauna. Access is difficult due to the problematic entrance and is only possible if you are accompanied by experienced cavers.

Žirov'c Cave is named after the farm ˝Pri Žirovcu˝ and is located on the farm’s property. The entrance is located two kilometers northwest of Ulovka, above Vrhnika, and is hardly big enough to fit a man. But the cave soon shows itself worth the trouble. It’s length – five kilometers – was a real surprise for the cavers, because as a rule longer caves in the dolomite rocks do not exist. To this day cavers discovered and recorded a fantastic maze of meandering, abysses and canyons that exists inside this cave. Žirov’c Cave was discovered in 2006 and became the 10.000th explored cave in Slovenia. Due to the difficulty of entry tours are only possible under the expert guidance of cavers.

Waterfall at Ferran 'Buža'
Waterfall at Ferran 'Buža'

Ferran ‘Buža’ is the next cave worth mentioning. In it the deepest waterfall with continuous flow of water in Slovenia is located – in plunges into the depth of no less than 50 m. ‘Buža’ is also special due to its extremely rich animal world – cavers discovered 16 different animal species, including world famous human fish. 

Robber Cave was discovered in 2003 and has a 12 m deep entrance in form of a bell. An interesting detail – the name of the cave is tied to the robber, who broke into the cars of the cavers, while they were conducting research in the depths of the cave. 

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