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Ljubljana Marshes

The marshy mosaic of meadows, fields, woodlands, ditches and hedges, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, just a few kilometers from the urban centers.

Slovenian language knows twenty-four terms, the majority of which is of folk origin, for phenomena related to stagnating water. ‘Ljubljana morost’, ‘mah’ (moss), or ‘močvirje’ (marshy swamp) have been established terms up to 1880, when Fran Levstik used the name ‘Ljubljansko barje’ or Ljubljana Marshes for the first time.

There is almost no more live bog with permanent stagnant water or areas where peat would be formed. One of the few remaining areas throughout southern Europe is the raised bog at Kostanjevica in Bevke called 'Mali plac' and it measures barely two hectares. It is declared a nature reserve and offers a unique experience of flora and fauna. In the vicinity, at the Jurca peat bog (natural monument) you are able to see some rare instances of bog vegetation and peat in nature.


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