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Kucler quarry

Nature has formed Kucler quarry into a natural amphitheater ... Visit this place of inspiration and enjoy the tranquility.

Kuncler quarry is located on the edge of the Ljubljana Marshes, between Brezovica and Vrhnika, in a village called Lesno Brdo. It is named after a former owner and was declared a natural geological monument in 1991. In the past centuries they excavated black and gray limestone from its ground. The limestone in the quarry is from the Triassic period (about 225 million years old) and is appreciated as an architectural stone, because of its beautiful black and white contrast (result of calcite veins in limestone). The material from this quarry was used for several well-known pieces:  ‘’Black King’’ in St. James's Parish Church (St. Jacob’s) and two stone Herculeses on the portal of Seminary in Ljubljana.

Today Kucler quarry is known as a fossil shell site and for its wonderful case of tectonic fold. At the quarry you can also find a Geological key showing the major rock types of the region and a display of sculptures from different Stonemason workshops that took place in this very same quarry.


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