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Star maln (The Old Mill)

An interesting and beautiful destination, where you can enjoy the green nature, cool down in the summer and maybe have a picnic.

Star maln (The Old Mill) is located deep in the Bela Valley. An old mill wheel and a dam next to the lodge are reminiscent of the times when there was an old watermill standing here. The lodge is run by the Tourist Association Blagajana Vrhnika. It’s a perfect spot to have a picnic, especially on a hot summer day, when you can also cool down and take a swim in the Bela Stream.

Lintvern Spring, the source of the Bela Stream is nearby. This is a natural monument and a karstic phenomenon. The water discharge is not constant; sometimes the water gushes out with great force, but at times the spring completely dries up. The Slovenian naturalist Janez Vajkard Valvasor (1689) wrote that the Lintvern Spring spews out baby dragons. These ''dragons'' were probably offsprings of human fish.


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