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Vrhnika was once a crossroads of many routes, so it's no wonder that travelers often left behind valuable pieces of their cultures here. Even the Egyptian.

Replicas of scarab found here at Vrhnika

The discovery of the scarab in Vrhnika (2006) is the first such discovery in the Slovenian territory. It confirms the commercial character of the settlement Nauportus (Vrhnika), which main activity was trade over long distances. Scarab was probably brought to Nauportus as a souvenir from a trip or was lost here by a trader or a traveler, who wore it as an amulet for good luck. The discovery dates back to the 1st-2nd century AD.

Scarab - dung beetle, which according to the Egyptian mythology rolls the sun across the sky, was the most important form of an amulet in ancient Egypt. Scarab was an Egyptian symbol of the sun, the resurrection of the dead; it represented vitality and protected against spells. Pendant in the form of the scarab was worn on a string or metal wire around a finger or neck.

At TIC Vrhnika you can find replicas of the scarab in the form of jewelry (with certificate). The original is kept by the City Museum of Ljubljana.

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