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Miklič Granary

Imagine a trip that will inspire you with art and impress you with cultural heritage.

Miklič Granary, built in the Baroque style, was originally in the possession of the Bistra monastery. In 1981 it was renovated and converted into a gallery, in which you can admire the permanent photographic exhibition of Jožef Petkovšek’s art works. Occasionally the permanent exhibition is joined by temporary exhibitions of other fine artists. The birthplaces of painters Jožef Petkovšek (1861-1898) and Matej Sternen (1870-1949) in the immediate vicinity of the Granary Gallery are marked with memorial plaques.

Granaries in Vrhnika

Granaries represent only a part of formerly rich architectural heritage of the wider district Vrhnika that has been preserved until today. Granaries in Vrhnika are mostly independent brick buildings with first floors, to which you can climb the stone or wooden stairs. The buildings often have masonry arches, which were brought to our region by Friulian masters. The windows are usually small, roofs are covered with brick. 


Most often a granary is a separate building or a room in the house. It is believed that the first granaries were built with wood and only later with bricks. The upper room of the granary was used to store grain and the basement to store crops. The granary was even of greater importance than a hayrack and for this reason it was carefully constructed. It was the "heart" of the rural home and marked the social status of the owner. 


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