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Kotnik-Lenarčič Park

Where nature and man worked together and created a green oasis of peace and quiet ... 

In the 19th century successful industrial and powerful landowners, the Kotnik family, build and arranged the Kotnik-Lenarčič Park near Ljubljanica. Among the exotic trees in the park there is ginko - the tree the daughter and her husband Lenarčič brought back from their honeymoon in China in 1883. Today it is among the oldest trees of this kind in Europe.

Park used to be surrounded with a brick fence and above the warm spring of the Ljubljanica stood a neat little house with spa. Not far away was the chapel of St. Florian where today stands a memorial dedicated to the victims of NOB (national liberation struggle) from Verd. The names of the vicitms are chiseled on the pillar and on the top stands a bronze statue made by Boris Kalin.


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