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One of the oldest preserved buildings at Vrhnika was once a courthouse and jail. Here, even Ivan Cankar spent some of his nights.

The courthouse is one of the oldest preserved buildings at Vrhnika. The carving above the portal tells us that it was built in 1554. Its facade is decorated with two balconies, courtyard with open arcades. In the same building judicial prisons were located and even Ivan Cankar, the greatest Slovenian writer and playwright, spent some nights here. 

The building was renovated several times, most recently in 1990 when they also renovated the interior. At the same time archaeological research was conducted which revealed coins from the 15th and 16th centuries, ceramics and a Roman fibula.

The courtyard of the courthouse is called the Courthouse market. Here, the local marketplace is located, and in addition this is the place where arts and craft fairs, small concerts, cultural and children’s events occasionally take place.


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