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Church Sv. Pavel

In this church Ivan Cankar received his First Communion. While he was thinking about apples from Majer's garden.

The church you can admire today at The Hill is the fourth church at this very spot. It is not known when the first built occurred, only that it happened in the late Middle Ages. The second building stood here in the times of the Turkish Invasions, the third in the 17th century.

1852 was the year when the present church was finished. It was built in the new Romanesque style following the plans of Josef Schöbel. The frescoes in the presbytery are the work of John Wolf, who presumably used some locals as the models for the portrayed figures. In autumn of 1907 the whole interior of the church was ornamentally painted by the eminent Vrhnika artist Simon Ogrin. Sadly, when they were renovating the church in 1977, all of his paintings were painted over. However, you are still able to admire some of Ogrin’s work in the Church Sv. Pavel – paintings ''The Holy Family'', a copy of Murillo’s ''Saint Francis'', ''Saint Luigi'', ''Holy Sepulcher'' and Stations of the Cross. The altar painting "Conversion of St. Paul" was painted by Franz Kurz-Goldenstein in 1851.


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