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Church Sv. Miklavž

Visit the church with the famous wooden ceiling and take a walk around the picturesque village.

In Kuren, a small village on the way to Ulovka, a gothic church of St. Nicholas (‘Sv. Miklavž’) is located. St. Nicholas was once the patron saint of boatmen from Vrhnika. The church was built in the 16th century. On the south wall of the church are the remains of medieval frescos of St. Christopher. North wall and the ship's side arch walls are also decorated with frescos. All are from the mid-16th century, and they show scenes of the Passion of Christ, the resurrection and the Nativity. The church has three wooden gilded altars.

The most famous is the wooden ceiling, which is based on two wooden pillars and is divided into 96 squares and 24 vertical boxes, painted with animal, floral and geometric motifs, which are supplemented with frescos. 

St. Nicholas’ church remains unchanged from the times of its construction. As a valuable document of Slovenian sacral art it was declared a cultural monument in 1988.


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