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Black Eagle

Stand still in the center of Vrhnika, close your eyes and enjoy the history.

At the intersection of Tržaška road and Sternen road stands a building called The Black Eagle. Look for the stone portal on the building where the year 1850 is carved in. It marks the year of adaptation of the building, which was ordered by a landowner Josip Kotnik from Verd. The building itself is in fact even older. Kotnik named the classicist two-storey hotel 'At the Black Eagle'. On the ground floor a restaurant and a coffee shop were located and on the 1st floor the reading room, of which Cankar's father was a co-founder. 

At the portal you'll notice two pillars with ionic capitals, upon which rests a balcony with a stone fence. The storey is decorated with pilasters and a double lancet window. During renovation of the building in 1990 archaeologists discovered rustic stone pillar-shaped capitals from the 15th century, fastener for clothing and an antique cup with early Renaissance motif.


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