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Bistra Castle

Enter the world of history. Admire the beauty of the castle which defied centuries and take a walk around the museum that celebrates both the past as well as progress and modernization.

Bistra Castle, just a few km from Vrhnika

Bistra Carthusian Monastery was founded in 1255 as the first monastery in Carniola. Along with Žiče, Jurklošter and Pleterje it was one of the four Carthusian monasteries in the territory of Slovenia. Initially it was called "The Happy Valley" or in German ''Freudental''. Later the monastery was named after the near village Borovnica and at the end of the 15th century the final name - Bistra - appeared.

The first half of the 14th century represents the culmination of the monastery. This is when the monastery greatly expanded and invested in the functioning of the monastic library, where they created a number of copies and original works. Later began the slow decay of the monastery which was repeatedly hit by fires and in 1670 by a strong earthquake. The final collapse of the monastery came when the Emperor Joseph II commanded the dissolution of the monasteries which did not contributed to the prosperity of the country.

The property was split into several parts - some were confiscated, some passed into the hands of the Church and some were sold. The castle’s image, as you can admire it today, was shaped after many renovations in the mid-19th century, when the grounds became the property of the Galle family. In 1945 the property was nationalized, and since 1951, the castle is a cultural monument of national importance and the place of the Technical Museum of Slovenia.


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