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Head for the springs of the Ljubljanica River, the place where the ancient Argonauts stopped on their legendary journey. 

Start and end a lovely walk to Močilnik at TIC Vrhnika and visit one of the beautiful springs of the Ljubljanica River.

Močilnik is a steephead valley, where the waters from Big Močilnik Spring and Little Močilnik Spring join and form the Little Ljubljanica River. Not far from steep rocks (40 m high), known as the Devil's Cliffs, is the Big Močilnik Spring. The ancient legend says that it was here where the Greek hero Jason and the Argounauts sailed to on their journey back home. Because the river stopped here, they dismantled their ship and carried it on their shoulders to the Adriatic Sea. Don't miss the annual festival called the Argonaut Days in the middle of June, a memorial to these ancient Greeks and their journey.


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