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Cankar Memorial House

Step back in time and sense the life of Cankar.

One hour is just perfect for taking a walk to the memorial house of the greatest Slovenian writer and playwright, Ivan Cankar. The Cankar Memorial House stands on the same place as the straw-thatched house he was born in. His birth house burnt down in a fire in 1879 so the Cankar family had to live in abandoned barns and houses around Vrhnika. The building was reconstructed by the new owners and today it practically still looks the same.

Our guide can show you a collection of items that document the living conditions of a lower-class family at the end of the 19th and the early 20th century. There is an amazing exhibit of Cankar's first printed works, photos of him, his relatives, friends and benefactors from the Ljubljana and Vienna periods, and also his self-portraits and sketches.

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