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A wonderful trip around Zaplana that will only take you a few hours (or more if you would like).

Zaplana is a village west of Vrhnika in the eastern Rovte Hills and consists of a group of hamlets. From the centre of Vrhnika drive towards Logatec and after 5,5 km turn right. Just a few kilometres futher the winding road and you will arrive at your first destination - Mesec Inn. This is the perfect starting point for discovering Zaplana and its surroundings.

There are many beautiful paths for walking and wandering, but we particularly recommend an hour long panoramic walk towards the lookout tower on the Planina Hill. The path leads along a partially asphalted road. You will see some of the forts of the Rupnik Line, that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia built in response to the Italian »Alpine Wall«.



TIC Vrhnika
+386 1 755 10 54
+386 51 661 063
Mesec Inn
+386 1 754 14 24
+386 41 812 314
Lodge on the Planina Hill
+386 40 848 442