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Ljubljana Marshes and Bevke Nature Trail

We invite you to the circular cycling route on the Ljubljana Marshes.

The 27 km long cycling route starts and ends in front of TIC Vrhnika. Add 6 km more and bike towards the Bevke Nature Trail.

On your way to the Ljubljana Marshes, cycling along a partially gravel road, you can wonder at the marshy mosaic of meadows, fields, woodlands, ditches and hedges. Here you can find an amazing diversity of animal and plant species that are nowadays quite a rarity. Don’t miss the nature reserve Mali plac and the Jurca Peat Bog, a natural monument of national importance.   

On the Bevke Nature Trail you learn about the exceptional connection of natural heritage, history, archaeology and ethnology just ˝on the doorstep˝ of Slovenia’s capital. Discover the past and present life of men, living on the marshy plains.


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