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Planina Hill near Vrhnika

Climb up the wooden lookout tower on the Planina Hill and if the day is clear, you can see all the way up to Mount Triglav …

A view of the Planina Hill with the Church Sv. Trojica (Church of Holy Trinity) in the front

Planina Hill near vrhnika is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Ljubljana area. After you conquer the 400 m ascent and climb up the lookout tower, you are rewarded with the most beautiful view. On clear days the view extends from Mount Triglav in the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. At the lodge you can enjoy refreshments as you plan your next hike.

Of interest: The lookout tower at the top of Planina Hill is 22 m high and is one of the tallest freestanding wooden structures in Slovenia.

Trails of medium difficulty:

1. Kuren Trail

  • For those who like to enjoy peace and relaxation in nature.
  • 2 hours of moderate walking
  • Stara Vrhnika-­Kuren-­Planina Hill

2. Across Špica

  • Fot those who want more of a challenge. 
  • An hour and a half of hiking
  • Vrhnika­-Betajnova-­Špica-­Planina Hill

3. Across Storžev grič and pass Bukva

  • A very popular trail, appropriate also for families. 
  • 2 hours of moderate walking
  • Vrhnika­-Betajnova-­Storžev grič-­Bukev-­Planina Hill

4. Across Blatni dol

  • For those who like to enjoy peace and relaxation in nature.
  • 2 hours of moderate walking
  • Vrhnika-Betajnova­-Blatni dol-­Planina Hill

5. Through the Old Mill (Star maln)

  • For those who like stories.
  • Two and a half hours of moderate hiking.
  • Vrhnika­-Betajnova-­Blatni dol-­Gačnik­-Bela valley-­the Old Mill-­Lintvern­-Giantess' Footprint-Planina Hill

6. The Panoramic Walking Trail

  • For those who appreciate nice view and comfort.
  • An hour of walking; half of trail along an asphalt road.
  • Mesec Inn-­the lookout tower at Planina Hill


Planina Hill lodge
+386 40 848 442
TIC Vrhnika
+386 1 755 10 54
+386 51 661 063