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Sv. Trojica Hill

Cankar referred to the church Sv. Trojica as the 'white dove'. The church has long been a popular destination and a lookout point.

If you are in a mood for a short hike (10-15 min) to a lookout point above Vrhnika, we recommend you head to the peak of Sv. Trojica Hill (Holy Trinity Hill). Start your ascent at Sv. Lenart (‘St. Leonard’s Church’) in the city center of Vrhnika. The trail will take you past the Cankar Memorial House and up the hill. At the top, from the lookout point, a beautiful view will open out to reveal whole Vrhnika and, in good weather, even Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Take a walk around the church Sv. trojica (Church of Holy Trinity). An interesting legend is connected to the building of this church. Take a break on Cankar’s mustaches (bench with an interesting design) and enjoy the wonderful nature that surrounds you.

The legend

At the sight of the church all the way up the hill many visitors wonder – why would people of Vrhnika decide to build a church of this size and grandeur on top of a hill? Legend tells of a shepherdess who was grazing sheep on the slopes of this hill. One day the entire herd disappeared. After a long search the girl found it at the top of the hill. The sheep were gathered around an image, on which the Holy Trinity was painted.  It seemed as if the herd was praying in front of it. The next day it all happened again. The shepherdess took the image to the parish priest. She told him the whole story and the priest took the image and safely put it in his prayer book.

The next day the shepherdess found her herd in exactly the same spot, gathered around the image. She took the image to the priest and when he looked ... his prayer book was empty. The image from the previous day was gone. People looked at the unusual event as a sign and decided to build a church in honor of the Holy Trinity in the spot where it all happened. Ivan Cankar, the greatest Slovenian writer and Vrhnika’s native son, writes that the shepherdess helped with the construction. She carried water from the Ljubljanica river up the hill and to the construction site. Once she tripped and fell in such an unfortunate matter she died. Her skull is said to be buried under the main altar and whoever listens closely (at an opening behind the altar), will hear the murmur of water …


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