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Rupnik Line

Take a few hours just for yourself and embark on a wonderful trip to Zaplana.

Zaplana is a village west of Vrhnika in the eastern Rovte Hills; it consists of a group of small settlements. If you take the road from the city center of Vrhnika towards Logatec, make a right turn after 5.5 km. Few kilometers of winding road will lead you to your fisrt goal, Mesec Inn. This will be your base for exploring Zaplana and its surroundings.

At Zaplana you can take a number of different walking routes, but we especially recommend the Rupnik Line. On this thematic trail you will discover the role and functioning of the bunkers of Rupnik Line. They were built at Zaplana in the period before the Second World War. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia expected to be attacked by Italy and began to build a system of fortifications in the territory of western Slovenia. 

The path is pleasant and suitable for families. It is approximately 3 kilometers long and has 120 meters of altitude difference. Two benches along the trail give you an opportunity to rest and admire the nature.

Another interesting fact - along the way there are five energy points.

Your starting point - Mesec Inn.


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