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Bevke Nature Trail

Where you can take a pleasant walk and at the same time discover the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Marshes.

Bevke Natural Trail (6 km) features a unique combination of natural heritage, history, archaeology and ethnology ‘on the doorstep’ of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Discover how people lived in the past and how they live today in the Ljubljana Marshes.

10 informative signs describe the rich cultural heritage, the fascinating Ljubljanica River, exploitation of fresh water that springs from isolated hills on the marsh, methods of travelling across the Marshes in the past, adapting to frequent floods in the area, and more.

An easy walk or slow bike trip on the gravel road takes about 2-3 hours. The route is sunny, so sun protection may be necessary. For those who want to learn more about the village of Bevke, there are 8 additional signs in the village.



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