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Taste of Cankar's period

Hungry? Would you like to eat as Cankar ate? Simply come to Vrhnika, where you will be served wonderfully fragrant dishes …

In recent years, at Vrhnika, we are trying to revive the traditional, locally typical food. And certainly dishes from Cankar’s period are a big part of that. With our greatest writer, his works and the period in which he lived in mind, we created two delicious menus, which can be ordered in several restaurants in Vrhnika: Cankar's lunch and Cankar's feast.

Cankar's lunch

  • potato soup ('zaroštan krompir')
  • 'prešce' (small buns flavoured with tradition)
  • 'štruklji' with dried plums

Cankar's feast

  • beef soup 
  • potatoes with herbs
  • veal roast
  • seasonal salad
  • 'štruklji' with dried plums

'Prešce' - small buns flavoured with tradition

‘Prešce’ deserve a special mention. ‘Prešce’ are small buns flavoured with tradition, of which Cankar spoke in many of his works. In the past, we Slovenes had an interesting tradition which accompanied All Saints’ Day on the 1st of November. At the day of this holiday housewives baked a large number of buns. For this they used all the different types of flour they had at hand. Then they distributed these buns to children and beggars in front of the church or cemetery. In some places, the children themselves went from house to house and in return for praying for the deceased they would get ‘prešce’ or ‘vahtiče’. Many poor families collected the buns that children brought home – dried bread helped them survive the winter. Some housewives baked hundreds of buns … But, it was believed, that each and every bun had to be distributed, otherwise the next year’s harvest would be poor.

Today, ‘prešce’ are considered a small brunch or a snack. You are able to enjoy the modern version – tasty buns from different types of flour with a variety of fillings.