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Cankar's Public Library

Take a peak in the place where the wonderful smell of the books is always present and where important parts of Vrhnika’s history are presented in an interesting and charming way.

Vrhnika is the town of Ivan Cankar. No doubt about that. You are able to notice the name of the greatest Slovenian writer and playwright at almost every step of your walk through Vrhnika. Even the central public library is named after him since of the 10th May 1976 (the centenary of the writer’s birth).

The library has recently changed its location and is now situated in former sewing room of IUV factory. This is an example of good practice, where the premises of once mighty, now defunct Vrhnika’s industry have been redesigned, modernized and used for the construction of a new cultural center with a library, a gymnasium and school departments. The building has gotten a makeover and the library the much needed larger premises that delight its visitors with colors and design.


Cankar's Public Library, Vrhnika
+386 1 755 31 14