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Cankar's Cup of Coffee

Indulge your taste buds with a cup of freshly roasted coffee.

A Cup of Coffee is certainly one of the most famous sketches written by Ivan Cankar. But nowadays, when me mention Cankar’s cup of coffee, we refer also to the superior blend of coffee that is roasted right here in roasting plant at vrhnika. Enjoy the intoxicating scent and the divine taste. And be sure to stop at TIC Vrhnika where you can buy cups with Cankar’s motive that will change your everyday habit of drinking coffee into a special occasion.

Order Cankar's cup of coffee at Planina Lodge, at Bajc InnKranjc Inn, Star Maln Lodge and at Levček Bar (Ljubljanska cesta 16, Vrhnika). If you would prefer Cankar's cup of coffe 'to go' visit Karmen flower shop at Sodnijski trg.

In the sketch A Cup of Coffee Ivan Cankar writes about his unfairness to others. One occasion in particularly comes to his mind – when he asked his mother for a cup of black coffee, despite the fact that he was aware of how difficult it would be for her to afford it. When his mother has still managed to make and bring him a cup, he roughly rejected it and her. She was hurt greatly.

Then I heard light steps on the stairs. It was mother, ascending carefully, carrying a cup of steaming coffee. Now I recall how beautiful she was at that moment. A single ray of sun shone directly into her eyes through a crack in the wall. A divine light of heaven, love and goodness were there in her face. Her lips held a smile as those of a child bringing one a gift. But—

"Leave me alone!" I said harshly. "Don't bother me now! I don't want any coffee!"

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