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Cankarjada - Theatre Festival

More and more popular theatre festival.

Cankarjada is a Festival of Theatre that traditionally takes place in September at different indoor and outdoor places around Vrhnika. Quality theatre production attracts many visitors and shows them various theatre techniques: improvisation, street theatre, stand-up comedy shows...

The interest in the festival has began to expand and so are the new locations. The organizers have been collaborating with more than ten best Slovenian theatre clubs (Ana Monro Theatre, KUD Priden možic, Narobov Theatre, Unikat Theatre, Glej Theatre, Dejmo stisnt Theatre ...) and local theatre groups (Improtentni, KUD Podlipa-Smrečje ...). At least one local show is presented every year. Also, don't miss the comical competitions in improvisational theatre.

Cankarjada - Theatre Festival
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TIC Vrhnika
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