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Argonaut Cycling Marathon

Join the crowd of recreational bikers on one of the trails of the Argonaut Cycling Marathon.

The Argonaut Cycling Marathon is a marathon for recreational bikers that usually takes place in June. Hard-core bikers who are well-prepared and a little bit stubborn can choose the 81 km long trail called the Argonaut Marathon, with a technical ascent around 970 m. For the prepared and persistent bikers we recommend the 63 km long Small Argonaut Marathon, with an ascent around 600 m. Families and less-prepared bikers can head for the 32 km long Family Argonaut Marathon and enjoy the paths and trails around the Ljubljana Marshes. The youngest can join the children Argonaut Marathon that happens on the athletic tracks of the Vrhnika Sports Park.

Sports Club Agonija
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TIC Vrhnika
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+386 51 661 063