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Technical Museum of Slovenia

The place where the technical heritage and nature tell countless stories ...
Collection of Tito's cars in the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhnika

The Slovenia’s largest museum, the Technical Museum of Slovenia, can be found in the most amazing and perfect place just 20 km from Ljubljana. It is located in a former Carthusian monastery and is known for its permanent and occasional collections from agriculture, fishing, wildlife and hunting to electricity, wood working, forestry, water driving machinery, textiles and printing.

In the museum you can also admire the fascinating collections of prestigious cars used by the former Yugoslav president Tito,the oldest preserved car in Slovenia, an impressive collection of bicycles, the veneer sawmill, the blacksmith’s workshop, the trophy of a bear that became the world’s champion in 1973 and so much more. In the past few years, some of the collections were renovated, meanwhile others were newly opened (Textiles in Times Past and Today, the forestry and woodworking departments, the history of bicycles and the reconstruction of the mechanical workshop). In March 2014 the museum opened a new permanent exhibition»Our beloved car«, which demonstrates a more than 100 years old history of motoring in Slovenia.

You want more? Then visit Saturday'sclasses and workshopsthemed exhibitions on Sundays and science festivals. Experience the technological spirit of the past and come to workshops for kids, themed guided tours, films, lectures and demonstrations that take place on Sundays. Don't miss the bread making workshop, a demonstration of bobbin – work, horseshoe-making, casting letters, Nikola Tesla's experiments and others interesting activities. On Saturdays join the workshops and learn the basics of restoration, calligraphy, felting, intarsia, bread making and basket making. The museum, working together with various educational institutes, organises Days of science and technology that are especially exciting for children and engineering enthusiasts. They also organise guided tours, a number of demonstrations and workshops for school groups and kindergartens.

After seeing the museum, don't leave without visiting the peaceful scenery of the murmuring museum's creek. 

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Technical Museum of Slovenia
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