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A summer without a picnic? Welcome to Vrhnika, where you can find some wonderful places for a delightful picnic.

The Old Mill

Star maln (The Old Mill) is hidden deep in the valley of Bela Stream. There used to be a watermill here, but today an old mill wheel and a dam are the only remnants. The Tourist Association Blagajana Vrhnika manages the lodge by the lake. You can rent the place and use the grill for an even more delicious picnic. The water by the lodge is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. A peculiarity of the picnic area is zero waste concept - they offer the possibility of reusing glasses and pots. You can contribute to maximizing recycling and minimizing waste too! The place can also be used for coworking and workshops.


In the Bevke Sports Park stands an authentic Slovenian roofed double hayrack, known as »toplar«. The hayrack is typically designed and crafted with tradititional ornaments. You can rent the hayrack and play tennis, football and beach volleyball as well. 

Blatna Brezovica

Organizing a picnic or a birthday party? Then rent a cabin log with an outdoor covered area in Blatna Brezovica, a village in the middle of the Ljubljana Marshes. The cabin log stands in the sports park that also offers a bowling area, football pitch and basketball court.


Blatna Brezovica Sports Park
+386 41 303 096