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Sea kayak and SUP

A different way to discover the Ljubljanica River. 

One of the biggest treasures in Vrhnika is the Ljubljanica River. Explore it in a slightly different way, up close. Why don’t you head for a trip with a sea kayak or a SUP board?

A sea kayak can be an exciting thing for a trip on the rivers, lakes or the sea. They are longer than the normal kayaks and suitable for a fast but balanced paddling. A SUP board is used for stand up paddling, a fantastic new sport. All you need to know to take up stand up paddling is how to swim so you're friends don't need to save you from Ljubljanica (and remind you of the event for the next 3 decades or more).

Sea kayaking or ˝supping˝ are great ways to have fun in the water, exercise a little bit and most of all, relax yourself in a pleasing surroundings with a great view.

Activities of SUPing and kayaking can be arraged for announced groups.

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