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Ljubljanica Springs Tour

Where does the river Ljubljanica rise to the surface?? And why is it called The River of Seven Names?

The Ljubljanica Springs Tour takes us to the wealth of natural wonders in the image of Mala and Velika Ljubljanica. They rise to surface on the karst edge near Vrhnika. We take a walk through the ancient old settlement Verd. Here, the Stone Age hunter was resided and the famous painter Petkovšek created under the bell of St. Anthony the Hermit. It is the place where two powerful families built their economic empire – The Konik and the Lenarčič family.

The path then leads us past the impressive collection of springs called Retovje: Pod Orehom (Under the walnut tree), Pod ta visoko skalo (Under the high rock), Malo in Veliko okence (Little and large windows), and past the springs of Veliki in Mali Močilnik (Great and Little Močilnik) which have long provided bread to generations of sawyers and millers. The springs in Močilnik announce the final stage of the path of The River of Seven Names whose secrets even Janez Vajkard Valvasor studied. We learn where the Greek hero Jason and his Argonauts pulled their Argo from Ljubljanica on the dry ground, where the victorious Roman legionares soaked their weary legs… and much more.

The tour takes two hours and is suitable for all visitors.


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