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Visit Vrhnika! - in person and online

13. 4. 2015

Welcome to our new website! Well, not entirely new, the Slovene version is online since December 2014. But the English version is brand new and we believe it will be of great help to English-speaking users who wish to learn more about our charming little town before visiting us in person. 

The website is simply structured, visually accentuated and content-wise perfected in adaptive design. At the site Visit Vrhnika you will find not just your usual basic information about Vrhnika, but also a multitude of trip and activity ideas.

Vrhnika is a town of culture, sports and fun. It is the birthplace of Ivan Cankar, Slovene’s Kafka. It is the starting point for various hiking, walking and cycling trails. It is the place to visit in June – when the town festival Argonaut days and a big concert called ‘Noč na Vrhniki’ take place. Nearby, in Bistra a must-see attraction, Technical Museum of Slovenia, is located. And when visiting Vrhnika do not forget to taste Cankar’s cup of coffee or, if you prefer, a pint of beer, brewed in Human Fish Brewery at Vrhnika. Visit and explore Vrhnika – by foot, bicycle, automobile and via PC, mobile phone, tablet!

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