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Ivan Cankar

Basket of dried pears with chocolate

Dried pear slices coated with 70% dark chocolate

Coffee set

The set includes Cankar's coffee (roasted at Vrhnika), two small cups with Cankar's signature and Cankar's dark chocolate with coffee

Cankar chocolate

Cankar chocolate - dark with Vrhnika coffee (coffee roasted in Vrhnika)

Ivan Cankar cup (Polona Polona)

Ivan Cankar cup (illustration: Polona Pačnik)

Cup with Cankar's signature

Cup with the motive of Cankar's signature

Cankar's sketches

Collection of miniature short stories by Ivan Cankar (Slo, Eng, It): A Path to Wisdom, A Basked of Dried Pears; A Cup of Coffee, Our Plot, Our House Burned Down, Happy youth

Cankar brandy

Pear brandy made at Betajnova, a place that inspired Cankar (0,25 l)

Cankar pencil

Pencil with inscription ''Ivan Cankar, mojster slovenske besede'' (''Ivan Cankar, master of Slovenian words'')

Vrhnika ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen with the inscription ''Vrhnika, prečuden kraj'' (''Vrhnika, the remarkable place'')