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Vrhnika Coffee Festival

Park by Cankar Hall Vrhnika,

Vrhnika Coffee Festival wil take place on 26th May between 9 am and 8 pm. We promise coffee, coffee ... and some more coffee: 

  • you will be able to taste different kinds of coffee from different Slovenian providers, including coffees from Vrhnika's own local boutique roaster Escobar,
  • you will be able to enjoy a very special Cankar's Cup of Coffee (which combines great with delicious Vrhnika 'štruklji' - rolled dumplings with prunes),
  • there will be some very special coffee products :)
  • children will enjoy our workshops, where they will create dreamcatchers and bracelets from coffee beans,
  • Vrhnika Cinema will play an interesting documentary: The Coffee Man,
  • and more ...

The event will take place in the park by the Cankar Hall in Vrhnika and in the event of bad weather in the Cankar Hall and under tents. For more information, please, call Vrhnika Tourist Information Center. You can also reach us via Facebook page Visit Vrhnika ;)

For detailed programme click below.

Who will be joining us?

  • 2016 World Ibrik/Cezve Champion Konstantinos Komninakis
  • Escobar Specialty Coffee Roasters, also with products from Kavarna Natura, 
  • Experiment; no ART = no FUN,
  • Lavazza Coffee,
  • Stow Coffee Roasters,
  • Presnica - drip coffee, tiramisu smoothie, coffee desserts,
  • Mehmet Efendi - Turkish coffee(truck),
  • Aleš Ogrin - cocktails, non-alcoholic and other :)
  • Bajc Inn - Vrhnika mini 'štruklji (rolled dumplings with prunes), coffee desserts (cakepops and cupcakes) and gluten free desserts,
  • Planina Hill Lodge - coffee pancakes,
  • Mantova Hotel - coffee ice cream,
  • TD Blagajana - coffee cakepops and other desserts,
  • Pražarna Lovro - buckwheat coffee,
  • Gaia - coffee minions, tiramisu cups, other coffee desserts and biscuits,
  • 20Chocolate - chocolates,
  • cups Čas za kavo / Time for coffee,
  • Psoglavka - jewelery made with coffee beans.

3rd Vrhnika Coffee Festival Program

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