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Tempted to climb a striking overhanging wall? Or you prefer testing your climbing skills at the largest area for bouldering in Slovenia?

Visitors who seek a challenge can come to Retovje and try themselves at the natural climbing area with a striking overhanging wall. The first glimpse at the wall can frighten the climbers that are not used to overhangs, but with the help of the rock's numerous handholds and small stalactites, you will enjoy climbing this wall. This climbing area is especially interesting for climbers who wish to try their endurance level because the climbing demands a lot of persistence and strength. The best time for climbing is from late spring to early autumn. The climbing area is situated near the Ljubljanica Springs that can cool you down even on a hot summer day.

Just few kilometres from Vrhnika, in the Log Sports Hall, you can try climbing an artificial wall for bouldering with more than 2.000 handholds of different shapes and colours that you can recompose and arrange the difficulty of the wall. In the past few years, Log has hosted national and international competitions in bouldering, where the best climbers of the world participated. Sports climbing enthusiasts can test the wall during opening hours; meanwhile the caretaker of the wall can arrange climbing for organized groups outside the opening hours.


TIC Vrhnika
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