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Ivan Cankar

Basket of dried pears with chocolate

Dried pear slices coated with 70% dark chocolate
Price: 11,50 €

Coffee set

The set includes Cankar's coffee (roasted at Vrhnika), two small cups with Cankar's signature and Cankar's dark chocolate with coffee
Price: 25,00 €

Cankar chocolate

Cankar chocolate - dark or dark with Vrhnika coffee (coffee roasted in Vrhnika)
Dark Cankar chocolate: 2,00 € (set of 3 chocolates: 5,30 €)
Cankar chocolate with coffee: 2,50 € (set of 3 chocolates: 6,50 €)

Ivan Cankar cup (Polona Polona)

Ivan Cankar cup (illustration: Polona Pačnik)
Price: 18,90 €

Cup with Cankar's signature

Cup with the motive of Cankar's signature
Larger cup: 6,00 €
Smaller cup: 5,00 €

Cankar's sketches

Collection of miniature short stories by Ivan Cankar (Slo, Eng, It): A Path to Wisdom, A Basked of Dried Pears; A Cup of Coffee, Our Plot, Our House Burned Down, Happy youth
Collection of six short stories: 18,00 €
A Cup of Coffee: 3,00 €

Cankar brandy

Pear brandy made at Betajnova, a place that inspired Cankar (0,25 l)
Price: 7,50 €

Cankar pencil

Pencil with inscription ''Ivan Cankar, mojster slovenske besede'' (''Ivan Cankar, master of Slovenian words'')
Price: 0,50 €

Vrhnika ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen with the inscription ''Vrhnika, prečuden kraj'' (''Vrhnika, the remarkable place'')
Price: 1,30 €